Been thinking about it more, given some actual information on it I’m now not sure if wearing bindhis, warbonnets etc. is actually okay

it’s a shame because they look hella good 

must give it some more thought 

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really ought to go do some revision now 

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goldbutts asked: Say one quick thing about the scarf on her head. Women who dress like that daily are mocked. They're harassed and put down constantly. But when a white girl or a celebrity does it as a fashion statement it's suddenly cute. Appropriation is a serious problem and I promise that white girls on tumblr aren't the only ones who feel that way.

Thanks for the information :) I guess it comes down to offence caused and if you deem that to be just cause for restricting someone’s actions. Personally (and I don’t know if this makes me sound like a bit of a dick) but I don’t think offence is a reason to prevent others from doing/wearing things. 

Obviously I think the harassment of women who wear burkhas is a seriously negative thing and I agree that it’s wrong that when a celebrity/white girl does it it’s suddenly cute. 

But again down to the offence thing, I just don’t think that being offended by something is valid reason to stop it from happening. It sounds really ignorant of me to say that if I were a Native American I’d probably be a little angry and possibly even find it pitiful that white people are taking something they don’t really understand and wearing it as a fashion accessory but I don’t think they should let it detract from the value that the perceived culture views it with.
If you believe in something so strongly, or you know that it means something special to have a Warbonnet, then the difference between seeing a white girl wearing a Warbonnet and seeing someone who has earned the Warbonnet is going to be quite obvious to you and therefore it will be easy to respect one and not the other. 

I do not think that seeing someone mimicking an aspect of your culture should detract from the value you give to it. However I do think people outside the culture should be educated so they understand that a white girl wearing one and someone who has earned is a very different thing and should be treated accordingly. 

Sorry for the uber long winded reply, really difficult to get an opinion across over tumblr.

Still I do appreciate the actual information on someone who’s experienced this and not just an angry “well I said so and that’s that” response :) 

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I wonder if nicer and so more expensive clothes genuinely cost more to make or whether it’s just a way to separate the rich from the poor 

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such a freaky coincidence

I was going to do the same thing because of the same thing like what the effing eff 


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Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love

Central Park in the 1930